We are a women owned company dedicated to making delicious flavored almond butters with the highest quality ingredients and superfoods. 

Founded by two close friends in their home kitchens in Los Angeles, SMÜTH  Butters was born from a need to find delicious and nutrient-rich almond butter that was made using only real, natural ingredients. 

In a market with what seemed like hundreds of options, we were amazed when we could not find flavored almond butter free of added oils, refined sugars, and artificial additives disguised as"natural" flavors.

We set out on a mission to redefine almond butter. After months of recipe testing and hunting for the highest quality ingredients, we have achieved just that.


Made with sustainably grown almonds that minimize water waste, 100% Non-GMO ingredients, and without added oils or refined sugars, our almond butter has set a different standard.